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What are "orbs"? Why are Civil War battlefields and "spooktacular" averns crowded
with ghosts? What, if anything, happens after we die? These and other questions
haunt ghost hunter Carl "Maverick" Lawhead, who pursues a very personal quest to
find out. "Maverick" and the other members of C&C Investigations run toward
hauntings, not away from them. "I fear the living," quips Lawhead, with an impish grin.
By turns weird, poignant and hilarious, this glimpse into the motivations of an amateur
metaphysical researcher will cause even the most determined skeptics to question
their beliefs.

Babs Melton, Director of Hupp's Hill Battlefield Park, Virginia--an area rich in Civil
War history--details hair raising accounts of her own encounters with unseen forces.

Documentary film maker Dane McCarthy interviews an orb-annoyed teenaged Civil
War re-enactor, an enthusiastic "New Age" astrologer, a puzzled professional
photographer, and throws in his own two cents. As a kicker he reveals video
evidence of the unexplainable, but leaves it to the viewer to decide what it all means.

Total Run Time: 80 Minutes