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Tomorrow. For unknown reasons, clueless American nobodies Fillmore (Ezra Thobaben) and Nikki (Miranda Miller) have survived a worldwide weaponized virus pandemic which has decimated the population. Now they are running for their lives.

What’s going on? They don’t know it, but they have just become zombies. Here’s why: The virus, engineered to “save the earth” from humanity didn’t work as well as planned. Now, branded as “zombies” (to dehumanize them) survivors flee fanatical kill teams who shoot “zombies” on sight. Fortunately, Fillmore and Nikki run into Dunfee (Keane Parkinson), a survivalist who used to be on a kill team himself. Dunfee has a major grudge against twins Matt and Mack (Joshua Cody Handa). The twins --one good, one evil-- lead kill teams assigned to the wild sector hiding Fillmore and Nikki.

Along the way the fugitives acquire Meganda, aka Zombie Girl, (Megan Marie Wilson) and Horace (Dane McCarthy) a slightly mad older gentleman who thinks Meganda is his daughter and might know more about what’s going on than he lets on. The group takes refuge in a farmhouse straight out of a horror movie where Arthur (John Marzocchi) holes up and survives by constantly adding to shallow graves he digs out back. But Mack (the evil twin) discovers the new hideout and all hell breaks loose when, guns blazing, his team “engages.”

The action and gallows humor are nonstop in this ironic glimpse into one violent and nightmarishly possible future world.


Total Run Time: 88 Minutes