In The BloodIn the Blood

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Ever since the botched bank robbery over 30-years ago, Dodge has been living in constant fear in Appalachia, close to his partners in crime. When his wife Alyssa leaves him, Dodge, sensing his past is catching up to him, decides to turn himself in to the authorities. Trouble is, some of his friends don't like the idea and set out to stop him. One friend, thought long dead, has unfinished business and Dodge's suspicions rise when two mysterious men show up looking for the loot.

FROM THE PRODUCER: "In the Blood" is Weethee House Productions' first narrative feature. In this film, as in those that follow, our aim is to examine a close knit group of people who love each other. These parameters can engender a whole range of emotions, including hate. People are never more violent with each other than when they are intimate. It is the source of both tragedy and comedy.

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