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Film maker Dane McCarthy documents the efforts of Kevin Martin, handgun expert and licensed concealed carry instructor, (“the first in Ohio,” he says) to instill in ordinary citizens concerned about civil rights, personal safety and liberty, the serious nature of their decision to attain a permit to carry concealed. He lectures, shouts, cajoles and curses like a drill instructor throughout the grueling twelve hour course the law requires students to attend and pass. On the gun range--in bitter cold--he runs housewives, businessmen, retirees, veterans and college coeds through strenuous shooting stances and dangerous scenarios. And most importantly, he attempts with sincerity and near desperation to communicate the terrible reality of taking another human’s life, even in self-defense. “It will be the most horrific day of your life,” he warns.

The film digs into Martin’s colorful, outrageous and sometimes appalling personality, his grim, crude humor and his varied globe-hopping life, including his years mastering the martial art form Bando and his “toughest battle”, a fight with cancer. His students, friends from the bad old days and shooting buddies recount in fascinating detail, tales of street fighting, assault, robbery and violent confrontations--eventualities most hope to avoid once they have their concealed carry permit. As Martin insists, the world is a dangerous place, the police cannot protect you, and a well-used semi-automatic pistol (“a new gun will get you killed”) can be a reliable equalizer for anyone--man or woman--if he or she is properly trained to use one with restraint and within the guidelines proscribed by law. The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case being one example of how choices change lives forever.


Total Run Time: 83 Minutes