All Fall DownAll Fall Down

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Grieving 9/11 widow Alice Rydell (Anne Thomas) and her clueless twenty-something daughter Connie (Hallie Morris) become "persons of interest" to impossibly convoluted political forces intent on stifling embarrassing questions regarding that tragic day. Smooth talking Josh (Ezra Thobaben) insinuates himself into Connie's already confused life while femme fatale Medea (Miranda Miller), Alice's new neighbor, disturbs Alice's uneasy peace, hard won after herculean efforts to force an investigation into 9/11. Alice soon discovers she is not alone in her concern for her and Connie's safety. An old friend, Phil (Steve Antle) shows up to warn her and Red (Dane McCarthy), a stranger she meets in a bar, attempts to become her protector. Both may be involved in a secretive patriotic group. Alice wonders what the web tightening around her world might be all about until Studs (Robert Rymer), a psychopathic killer with a nervous twitch, cold deliberation and a .38 revolver, strews a trail of corpses aimed directly at her. Now, with nothing left to lose, Alice must take drastic action, utilizing skills honed during a secret life neither Connie nor her late husband Rob (Tom Miller) guessed even existed. And a personal quirk allowing Alice to hear voices and see angels adds not one iota to her troubles.

Total Run Time: 93 Minutes