Weethee House Productions

Weethee House Productions is a small company dedicated to creating original, thoughtful films on a small budget. "As much as possible, life will be our template rather than other films, as is often the case in films today," says Dane. Weethee House Productions strives to tell classic stories which will stand the test of time, rather than to make easy shallow films for the short term. "Our effort will be to push the art of film into the future by utilizing the classic forms of the past."

Dane McCarthy

His young life was difficult and hardscrabble, ensuing from a youth in the counter culture, which eschewed commitment to a career. Raised by artists, he never considered himself anything but an artist. Yet difficult as his life was, he found freedom in alienation. Somehow, he survived the sixties. Early on he entered the building trades and became a painter, carpenter and expert renovator. Tiring of working for other people, he began acquiring real estate and became a landlord, supporting himself with his investments. He remains self employed.

His intellectual life grew out of an obsession with writing, his escape from everyday worries. He tried all forms of writing from poetry to novels to plays. Eventually, he obtained a masters degree in playwriting and history of theatre and taught on the college level for several decades.

An affinity for acting led him to act on stage and in film. He fell into directing after writing a screenplay which a producer liked. This producer suggested he direct the film. He accepted the challenge and found the experience stimulating and though wrenching, great fun. From this initial foot wetting, Weethee House Productions was born, it has grown steadily but is still in it's infancy. "Maybe after half a dozen or so movies we'll be grown up," says Dane.

He has been married and divorced twice and has a married son who is about to have a child, Dane's first grandchild.

Arnold Chambers

Arnold Chambers, a local filmmaker, was recruited by McCarthy to work the more technical roles of Director of Photography and Editor. Chambers began working on movies during his education in video production at Ohio University of Telecommunications. His senior year, he wrote and produced an adaptation of Robert A. Heinlein's "All You Zombies" as a part of the TCOM Professor Fredrick Lewis' TCOM 419 Projects.

On "In the Blood", Chambers worked out the shooting of the scenes while McCarthy directed the action. Chambers set up the lights, sound and camera, and shot the scenes. He would oftentimes, determine the physical limitations of the location or the camera and work around McCarthy's scenes as a one man crew.